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We are German marketing professionals

Located in Germany’s buzzing capital Berlin, we help you build a German customer base. We are Marketinghelfer. A Berlin based digital marketing agency. We offer a wide range of professional marketing services for the German market.

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A flying start to the German market

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    Localize your message.

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    Reach and convert your German audience.

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    Build your German customer base.

Building a German customer base requires both marketing and sales proficiency as well as an intimate knowledge of German culture and business habits. Localizing your message means so much more than merely translating it.

With our expertise in marketing and sales, we can help you with both: reaching your German audience and converting leads into customers.

We love digital, and with a background in direct marketing and  face-to-face sales, we also support you with hands-on direct customer reach out, events and communications. We are happy to provide German marketing services both online and offline.

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Our German Marketing Services

Marketing support in Germany we provide for our clients:


Getting your message across to the German market. This is so much more than simply translating.


Setting up German language websites and landing pages. We do websites in house.

Content Marketing

SEO optimized web content. Attractive for the German market. Paid and organic distribution.

Social Media

German social media behavior is different. We manage your German Social Media presence accordingly.

Email Marketing

Honoring the German mindset and the legal requirements is key to successful email marketing in Germany.

Online Advertising

Managing campaigns on Google, LinkedIn or Germany’s professional network Xing.


Identifying and negotiating marketing and sales cooperations with German media and business partners.


Representing your company at events, trade fairs and sales negotiations in Germany.

Marketing services for Germany at your fingertips.
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Beyond Lederhosen.

german marketing support marketing service germany

Understanding the German Market

The standard Anglo-American sales and deals driven marketing approach does not work very well in the German market. Understanding the German mindset and the German landscape is key to any marketing success in Germany.

Germany is a country with many different traditions, lifestyles and communities – from rural areas to bustling urbanities; from mountainous regions to the seaside; from local dialects to multi-lingual world travelers.

We help you reach your German audience and convert them into customers, be it via social media channels, traditional media or even direct reach out.

Sucessfully targeting your German audience

german marketing support german market marketing service

The Marketing to Germans team

  • Irene Waltz

    Marketing + Sales

Having worked for companies like eBay, Bertelsmann and Berlitz, Irene is a marketing + sales pro to the core. From direct sales to digital marketing, she has done it all. As a business translator, she worked for S&P 500 companies like Siemens and Intel. Together with Martin, she runs Marketinghelfer, a Berlin-based digital marketing agency. And yes, we’re a team in private life, as well.

  • Martin Waltz

    Social Media

Martin is an economist by trade. With an accomplished career in financial economics, number crunching and analytics are second nature to him. Today, Martin is an award-winning photographer. With over 200,000 followers on his photography accounts, Martin has really mastered the social media game. He consults in social media marketing and visual storytelling.

German marketing support at your fingertips

Our clients about Marketing to Germans

Irene got the ball rolling fast and sign-ups are coming in.

Toni Hopponen, CEO and Founder, Flockler

A huge bump in traffic and sales ever since Irene came on board.

Patricia Victor, CEO and Founder, Trigirl